IT Professional Year

Endorsed and developed by the Australian Computer Society (ACS), the Professional Year program provides an additive knowledge, practical skills and training to the students who have hands on and have graduated in Information Technology (IT). The students who choose the program are in definite terms, planning to enhance their career prospects and also choose to study from an institute which becomes a perfect pathway for them to study and find a relevant job in a good company or an organization within Australia itself.

Engineering Professional Year program

If you need a sponsor to be eligible for the grant of a work visa you can find a sponsor yourself, or you can put in an expression of interest using SkillSelect.

Accounting Professional Year Program (Formerly SMIPA)

The Accounting Professional Year Program (Formerly SMIPA) is available to the students who have grabbed their hands on an Australian accounting qualification as a result of at a least two-year study in Australia. A Professional Year program approved by the Department of Home Affairs, this one has a wide scope of taking the Accounting students to a height.